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Sleepy Eevee Plushie :iconjyamitek:JyamiTeK 20 9 Rainbow Dash Filly Plush :iconjyamitek:JyamiTeK 42 19 Derpy Hooves Halloween Plush :iconjyamitek:JyamiTeK 320 66 Fluttershy Filly Plush :iconjyamitek:JyamiTeK 179 49 DJ-PON3 and Derpy :iconjyamitek:JyamiTeK 5 18
summer haze
i melt
and you spoon me out
lick me, trick me.
skinless ; slipping
puddles and cones
from your l ip.s
the cicadas lose their voices;
shall they dance?
a spout of sweaty air
tickles your ear
can it be noon?
sip my breath
have it here
.. raw
murky clear & through a straw
a milky shake
and you wake
:iconjyamitek:JyamiTeK 3 6
FRIENDSHIP IS UGLY :iconjyamitek:JyamiTeK 2 7 Fluttershy Plush :iconjyamitek:JyamiTeK 171 80
79.. iLLogiCaL
That record machine is
My spirits feel, to the bottom of my heel
A mind in fire
Up as we conspire
Our volcano can't stop
Like a once doomed raindrop
In his boots like butter
In the record holder
Needles won't stop reading
Up my s
m -bleeding
:iconjyamitek:JyamiTeK 2 2
I live life laced
in shades of gray
those colorless spaces, not black, not white
not wrong and not right
The fire that burns
and blackens and bursts
into settling dust
that thickens and crusts and smothers the voice
that gives me a choice
The air here is dim
fogged with soot and deceit
lies painting the ceiling
the ground 'neath your feet
like a hunting trap, waiting
and baiting
like sin, so discreet
a volcanic heat
a cumbersome beat.
If white is the right
and black is what's wrong
then joy has no hue, no colorful view, just bangs and smoke and ashes
that coat your eyelashes
and gum up your eyes
and say your goodbyes
I'd rather just buck the system, wouldn't you?
And so I dance
where neither touch
a thoughtless space, a dirty place, not good for much
an empty bluff beneath the sea;
but good enough
for you,
for me.
:iconjyamitek:JyamiTeK 5 4
1. Introduction
The beeping won't stop.
She stands out front, her hands clasped behind her head like she's holding it in place, stopping it from falling off. Every once in a while one of those huge buses will roll by and splatter her with rain-soaked gutter wash, but she doesn't flinch, just keeps staring.
A man walking by says something. His words are too damp to decipher.
The shop keeps blurring at the edges, the paint of it's signs and windows running together and soaking into the cement below. It's the fog. Fog makes everything run.
But not her. She's so sharp she could cut straight through a dozen people, one after the other, never slowing or stopping or picking up whatever pieces she's left behind. You can feel her intensity even as she lies (stands?) in wait. The crowds of huddling passerby part around her as they melt away into the fog.
Another bus whips by. The beeps increase and slur for a moment, then slow and slow and brake to their regular speed. She blinks away the fresh shower of mud; h
:iconjyamitek:JyamiTeK 1 5
Stilled :iconjyamitek:JyamiTeK 5 8 poisoned :iconjyamitek:JyamiTeK 2 0
I have no pulse, I just found out
This morning, laying in bed
Listening to the thoughts running my head
I realised I lack
That think, thunk, twack
That makes me want to go mad
It's strange, really, being dead
A bit like living
But without the thread
That ties days together, like patches to quilts
I'm losing my pride
Along with my guilt
One by one
My thoughts diminish
Snuffed out, like delicate flames
No more irksome emotional games
I can smile at everyone
Without a doubt
I no longer care who they are
Death is easy, I suppose
Like falling asleep
Or stretching your toes
But even so, my heart, it aches
To beat the blood all through my veins
And bring back that sound, that terror, that bane
That makes me want to go mad
:iconjyamitek:JyamiTeK 4 4
Arcanine Plush :iconjyamitek:JyamiTeK 12 11 OH MAN :iconjyamitek:JyamiTeK 0 2

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